Lemon-aid: Why Lemon Oil is our main squeeze

Lemon-aid: Why Lemon Oil is our main squeeze

October 21, 2018

Find out why we've included this zingy little botanical babe into our Clean Kovrd Pillow Slips.

Lemon Oil (Citrus Limonen) is one of the ten botanical essential oils infused into our Clean Pillow cases, chosen because of it's amazing properties to help heal and enhance your skin (and your mood) while you sleep. The benefits of Lemon Oil are like Leo's hair in Titanic: big, bountiful, beautiful, blowing in the wind etc etc (my 12 year old self just swooned.) Here are some of the main benefits of Lemon Oil along with our favourite ways to use it (and a gratuitous Leo meme).


4 reasons why Lemon Essential Oil is a legit citrus kween.

🍋 ONE >> Reduces anxiety + improves mental clarity
Lemon aroma is known to be uplifting, stabilising and a powerful tool to improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression. It can also assist in relieving allergies and asthma symptoms. A 2004 study showed it reduced a stress hormone (corticosterone) to alleviate stress and anxiety, and another study about mental clarity showed that the presence of lemon oil via a diffuser cut errors in a Japanese workplace by 54%.
How to use: put a few drops into a diffuser, add a few drops to your bathwater, or smell directly from the essential oil bottle when you feel like you need to go HAM.

🍋🍋 TWO >> Kills bad stuff
Lemon oil and lemon juice are all the ANTIs: antifungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial. These properties are mainly due to two dominant boss-babe compounds found in the oil: limonene and b-pinene. Because of these properties, it's great for skin care and oral health, but be careful - it shouldn't be applied directly to your skin without being diluted in some way.
How to use: use only a tiny amount (1 drop) with warm water to use as a mouth rinse, add some to skin creams to help reduce acne and address skin problems or rosacea.

🍋🍋 🍋 THREE >> Bye Aging!
Lemon oil also has antioxidant properties (another ANTI...) When your skin is exposed to UV light, free radicals are created. These naughty little free radicals can attack your collagen and skin cell structures causing oxidation (aka wrinkles and fine lines). The antioxidants in Lemon oil pair with each free radical and put them to bed so they stop causing damage, helping to nourish your skin.
How to use: Check out this zingy Face Wash recipe

🍋🍋 🍋🍋 FOUR >> General all-rounder
All the bomb properties above mean lemon is pretty much your overall, run of the mill superhero. Not like, a super niche one like Antman, but more of a Supergirl.
How to use:
> Clean alot of things with it by using the oil directly on a cloth
> Add a few drops to your laundry to kick any musty smells to the curb
> Repel insects by mixing lemon + peppermint + eucalyptus oil together
> Diffuse in your kitchen area to help kill dodgy cooking smells


Find this as part of our exclusive blend of essential oils, infused into the CLEAN Kovr Pillow Slip. Our botanical blend is crafted to help you sleep better, and enhance your skin while you dream.

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