Seasonal Skin Changes

Seasonal Skin Changes

September 08, 2019


You've just got your skin settled into a dreamy winter vibe and then BAM, it's Spring and you have to rebalance all over again. 

Whether you're changing into Fall or Spring, there are many dodgy little assailants that can create broken veins, redness, dryness and skin damage as we change seasons. Here are the deets on those skin dangers and what you can do to show your skin the love it needs...

If you're heading into SPRING & SUMMER...

The excitement of pools and beaches approach, as we start packing away all our heavy coats and boots. Here's what you need to keep in mind to live your best glowy summer skin life.
  • Hot & sweaty = oily betty
    With the warmer climates, our pores open up and can produce more sebum, and oil can become trapped on your skin's surface. 
    • Switch to a lighter moisturiser and try oil-balancing cleansers and moisturisers if you know that your skin leans more on the oily side already.
    • Don't skip the moisturiser - oily skin isn't the same as giving your skin the nourishment and hydration it needs. Moisturisers help your skin enrich the Stratum Corneum which is the outermost skin layer that acts as a barrier of proection from pollutants and chemicals. Try switching to a combination moisturiser + SPF, so you can still remove a step in your skin care routine without putting your skin at risk.
    • Look out for products that are "non-comedogenic" meaning they don't clog your pores.
    • Stay hydrated with lots of water
    • Treat your skin mid-week with masks and other boosters like Vitamin C. Our SIMPLE pillow slips are perfect to pair with an overnight hydration mask, as the slips don't pull moisture off your face and let your skin soak in all the goodness
  • Sun damage = not hot!
    As the sun's rays become more intense, the potential for lasting and dangerous skin damage increases too.
    • Make sure you're always protecting your skin with an SPF, especially when you're hanging outside alot.
    • Those Su-ummmer niiiiiiiiiiiiiiights
      Because we normally have more daylight to play with, we can tend to stay out later. This can limit your sleeping time, which is when your body does the most work in rejuvenating and healing your skin.
      • Make sure you're still getting 7 - 8 hours sleep a night
      • Keep some lovely under-eye patches handy to support your skin in the mornings if you do have a cheeky late one.
    • Slough away the winter blues
      You might have a build up of dry skin from the cooler months, but dermatologists are always telling us to reduce the exfoliation so be chill about it. Exfoliation can help remove dull skin layers and ensure that your moisturisers can be more easily absorbed.
      • Using some gentle AHA to exfoliate your skin can help to remove any build up of dry skin and can also help keep your pores clear during the warmer months as you produce more oil. Don't overdo it though, moderation is key so maybe once a week or a little more frequently if you need it.


    If you're heading into FALL & WINTER...

    Farewell Summer and hello cozy warm clothes and delicious warm drinks. Let's take a look at the main challenges impacting our skin....

    • Lower humidity = potential for dry skin
      The humidity drops during the cooler months, so the air is drier and sucks  moisture from your skin. This is where you can see more dryness and flakiness, and can exacerbate eczema if you're prone to it.
      • Call in the big guns and use a more heavy-duty moisturiser to help prep and protect your skin from the drier conditions.
    • Indoor heating = dry and dull yikes!
      Because we're intentionally heating the air, again you can see moisture being pulled from your skin which causes dryness and dullness.
      • Lip protection and masks can help scrub away the dry flakes and keep your pout soft and comfortable.
      • Drink lots of water to keep your skin replenished!
      • Keep a lovely hand cream nearby at all times.
      • At the office, try bringing a little portable humidifier to keep the air moist or add a face spritzer to your desk to have a handy water hit when you need one.
    • Sudden changes moving outdoors to inside = skin shock
      When you step inside into a super warm room from a freezing outdoors, what you think is a cute face flush is actually your skin capillaries expanding/contracting rapidly and this can cause broken veins (eep!) so try to minimise who drastic the temperature changes are by wrapping up when you're outside or being moderate with the indoor heating. 
      • Wrap up warm when you're outside, and try not to go too HAM on the indoor heating.
      • Our CLEAN pillow slips are great to use overnight, because they are infused with botanicals to help support your skins's rejuvenation and healing while you sleep.
    • Hot showers = danger in disguise
      I know how epic it can be to jump into a hot shower, but they can actually break down your skin's protective layer and cause your skin to dry out. 
      • Try warm showers and baths instead of hot to keep your skins protective barrier intact.


    So there's lots of great tips to arm yourself with this season, and most importantly just keep an eye on your skin and adjust as you need to.

    Happy trans-season! 


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