Travel Bae

Travel Bae

June 05, 2019


I don’t know about you but I don’t need any convincing to go on holidays. If you for some reason do... PSA: Taking holidays are essential to health.

Researchers have attributed a load of benefits to taking holidays:

  1. No Biggie or anything but they can REDUCE YOUR RISK OF DYING from any cause other than old age and minimises the risk of heart disease.
  2. Reduced stress which over time can lead to obesity, depression and anxiety. Naht cool.
  3. Be one with your strawberry daiquiri with extra umbrellas. Holidays are proven to increase life satisfaction as it provides an opportunity to reflect on your life, try new things and being conscious whilst living your best damn life. Get out of that bubble girl.
  4. Nasty rumour: Hard workers don’t take holidays. So wrong. Holidays actually help to improve your productivity and increase life balance.

Great, we’re all on board (*travel pun) for a holiday now. Now what KINDA holiday do you want to go on? Well, what KINDA bae are you?

Adventure Bae

1. Adventure Bae: Road trip in Hawkes Bay, NZ

Located in the North Island of UHN-ZID (NZ) this place is a lil slice of natural heaven. Hikes, Rafting, cycling,  Swims under waterfalls, fishing, diving, surfing…need we say more. This website actually helps you plan your road trip: I dare you not to say “beached as” the whole trip.
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2. Wine and food snob Bae: Mendoza, Argentina
Argentina is the home of the actual “Salt Bae”. How could we not pay him homage in this travel guide. Argentina is famous for the quality of it's beef and also for its wine, in particular Malbec. Grown at high altitude at the foothills of the Andes, we’re talking world famous, award winning Malbec. 


3. Party Bae: Beirut, Lebanon

You thought I was going to say Mykonos didn't you. Guess again! Beirut is fast becoming a hot spot for party seekers around the world. It’s a cosmopolitan dream of amazing food, shopping and the best nightlife you’ve ever seen. Head to Mar Mikhael district to start the night at a cool gin and oyster bar MotherShucker and then head underground to party at Bo10, a former bomb bunker located in the middle of a circular parking lot. FYI: They don’t have lockouts.


4. Namaste Bae: Ibiza Yoga Retreat @ Yogarosa
Ibiza is quickly becoming known for its wellness retreats, not just it’s party scene! Partake in sound healing, meditation, yoga and for the wellness hardballers do some Ayurvedic-Hawaiian colon cleansing and bio resonance. Oooh.


5. Luxe Bae: Sumba, Indonesia @ Nihi Sumba

This hotel has been voted the number one hotel in the world, in all categories, for 2016 & 2017 World’s Best Awards. It’s website boasts that it’s “where rugged luxury meets unregulated freedom”. YAS. Go horse riding on the private beach, indulge in the epic spa menu in a private treehouse or checkout the beach cinema.

If you’ve just used up all your leave, some smart people in the Netherlands have confirmed that even just planning for a holiday can boost your happiness…..for 8 weeks!

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