June 17, 2018

How to use your HABIT TRACKER to change your habits like a boss babe

Every 4 week pack of Kovrd pillow slips (CLEAN or SIMPLE) comes with this amazing little Habit Tracker to help you create real change in your life and move towards your long term goals. Let us show you how to get the most out of it!



This might be something that you do once a year, where you set your major goals for the long term e.g. "By the end of the year, I will have reached Level 6 in Mandarin". As you're setting your goals, make sure they are SMART goals:

  • S: Specific / What do you actually want to do? If the goals are vague it will be hard to figure out if you've achieved it.
  • M: Measurable / How will you measure success? e.g. "Learn Mandarin" vs "Reach Level 6 in Mandarin". 
  • A: Achievable / Can you actually do this? The goal should be challenging but not impossible.
  • R: Realistic + Relevant / You want the goals to help further you in whatever field (work, life, relationships).
  • T: Timely / Set yourself a deadline, to keep you accountable and working towards something.

Break down your long term goals into smaller bite-sized goals you can achieve in the next 4 weeks. These are almost like milestones along the way to your Long Term Goals. Some of these Short Term goals might be a weekly goal, others might run for the full 4 weeks. To continue with the example above, you might break the goal down for 4 weeks into "By the end of week 2, I will have completed the first 4 modules of Level 1 Mandarin". Again, make sure you are setting yourself SMART goals.



Habits are the little frequent steps you take towards achieving your goals, like spending 15 minutes learning every day. We've set up a template to make it super easy for you, you can list the habits you want to start, then highlight the days you want to complete the habit on e.g. we've already popped "Changing your KOVRD Pillow Slip" onto Mondays and Thursdays.

Get that little Dopamine hit every time you can tick the circle when you complete the habit each day - that will keep you going. Perseverance is the most important aspect here, considering it can take up to 6 months to cement a new habit. Read up more on habits here

While you're setting your Long and Short Term Goals, try to keep an overall balance in mind. Look at having goals to further yourself across all facets of your life. The "FIND YOUR BALANCE" section on the card can help you build some awareness of how much effort you are putting into different areas of your life:

  • Self / Things that you do to invest into yourself, like meditating, or booking a massage, or 
  • Family / Actions you take to invest into your partner and family like calling them to chat, or having dinner.
  • Work / Steps you take to build your career, like reading a development article or booking in a mentoring session with someone. 
  • Play / Things you do to invest into your inner child, and just have a laugh. Like going bowling, or creating some (questionable) artwork.

Through the 4 weeks, as you take the actions, mark them here. At the end of the 4 weeks you can assess how much you invested into each area, and that can help you set some goals for the following 4 weeks e.g. one of your new Short Term Goals might be "Invest into myself every day for the next 4 weeks."


We'd love to hear about your goals and things you are achieving in your lives babes, feel free to reach out via email or slide into our DMs on Insta.


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