Winter Skin Hacks

Winter Skin Hacks

July 10, 2018

Winter Skin Hacks

Winter has its perks; 

  • Unlimited hot chocolate and Guilt free Netflix days
  • Warm fires with a vino and a monopoly game that could potentially break up a family
  • Having an excuse to put on a few pounds and being able to hide it with “layering”

However cosy baes, our skin needs some extra love at this time of year too. Here are our top skin hacks to stay glowy during winter.

Get steamy

The hydration can really get sucked out of your skin this time of year (thank you harsh office heater!). Re-introduce some moisture back to your skin by hitting up the steam room at the gym. Pro tip: BYO essential oil and put a few drops into a small cup of water in the steam room or the dedicated pod. Not only will you reap the benefits of essential oils but your co-steamers will also appreciate the nice touch. (Not literally. No touching in the steam room guys. Don’t be weird)

Dampen the mood

This trick comes straight from the desk of revered beauty editors. Invest in a humidifier. Similar to the above, re-introduce some moisture to the air with a humidifier. Put one on your desk, by your bed or wherever you’re spending a lot of time. We love this chic one from Inessence because…shock horror…you can use essential oils with it too….they’re called essential for a reason, ok!

On the topic of damp. Add your serum and moisturiser to your still damp skin when you come out of the shower. It’ll seep waaay down to nourish deeply.


This is a super simple one..use a face mist! Keep one in your handbag and mist as needed. We are loving the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. A cult favourite Inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary's famous elixir of youth, Beauty Elixir is formulated with grape extracts and clarifying ingredients to provide an immediate burst of radiance. Make sure you’re super extra when spritzing in public. This definitely (maybe) makes the formula work better.

Do Dry July

You may not need as much willpower for this as initially anticipated. Doing Dry July for your skin literally means swapping out your alcohol based products for ones with natural emollients. Try a coconut oil to remove your makeup. Warm some up in your palms and rub over your face and eyes. This solubilises any water resistant materials used in makeup products and hydrates at the same time. Remember to pat dry with a tissue after to remove excess oil.

Be a bone-r

Do as the models do and sip on bone broth during the colder months. Not only will it keep your immune system strong due to the nourishing vitamins, minerals (including calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, protein, good fats, collagen and gelatine) but its a natural source of collagen. Hollaaaaaa!!

Do it all night.

Find a good hydrating mask and do it all night long….all night….looong….all night!

If you’re worried about the mask seeping into your pillow cases, we recommend use the Simple Kovrd Pillow Slip. It won’t absorb the yumminess of your mask plus the soft woven fabric won’t pull on your skin either (not today wrinkles, not today!)


Alternatively, you can use a Clean Kovrd Pillow Slip. These guys have essential oils already in them that will work wonders in hydrating and toning your skin. The micro encapsulation technology will release a mix of eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, lavender, chamomile and more when you move over the space of the night. HOW convenient!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating the titles for each point. (Dad joke central over here). Now go. And live your most hydrated life baes!

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