Women to dream about: Rachael Brook

Women to dream about: Rachael Brook

February 16, 2019

tIf you need a dream bae - have we got some inspiration for you! Next up in our Women to Dream About series we talk to the super talented Rachael Brook. Rachael is serious business, she is a professionally trained make up artist, she is a beauty contributor to 9 Honey, has a really engaged instagram following, and she also has some epic brand collaborations under her belt (hello Giorgio Armani?!)  We love her no-nonsense make up tutorials (personal favourite is the contouring one on 9 Honey - check it out!), her fly AF beauty looks and the best part - she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and her overall message is one of self-love and kindness.
We had a chat to Rachael to ask her more about her values and inspiration….

Hey Rachael! How is your 2019 going so far?
Well hello! So far, so good! I’ve decided that I really need to focus on finding a balance between work and self-care this year and so far, I’m on track! 

What you have achieved in your career so far is so incredible, how did you figure out that beauty/makeup was your passion?
I remember always having this idea in my head that I would be a makeup artist, which was really confusing for a beauty therapist when I imagined what it would be like. Then, when I was 12 or 13 I took a few days out of school to watch a Telstra TV commercial that was being filmed at my house. That’s where I met Rae Morris (incredibly talented makeup artist - worth googling!) and actually learned what a freelance makeup artist was - which was mind blowing to little me that grew up in the bush - and by the 3rd day of filming I had asked Rae if I could leave school and work for her. Much to my Mum’s delight, Rae said I had to wait until I finished school, so at the age of 15 - that’s exactly what I did and that’s how my career started.

Your main objective is to help other women achieve their beauty goals, your #girlpower vibe is so inspiring! Who are the women that you find inspiring?
I absolutely adore Jen Atkin. She’s talented, creative, hilarious and completely supportive of all of the incredible women she’s surrounded by, even if some of them may technically be considered her competitors. She’s on her own path, unfazed by what others are doing and I really admire that.

Rachael Brook Inspiration

You are so open with your followers about your mental health - balancing this glamorous lifestyle image with your fun, but grounded voice and you speak a lot about kindness and growth. Why are these values so important to you?
 If there is one thing I’ve learnt in this life, it’s that you never know what someone else is going through. No matter who they are, what they do, their level of fame or success, everyone is going through something. Social media and internet forums etc while they have some absolutely amazing qualities, they have also created this opportunity for people to easily spread negativity and hate onto others. I think it’s unfair to judge people by the small snippets you see of their lives whether that be online or in person, because it goes back to not knowing what someone is going through and I’m a big believer that if someone is acting out in a negative way, that they probably need even more support because a happy person doesn’t need to bring someone else down to try to make themselves feel better. I love to think that every challenge life throws is another opportunity for growth (and everyone should be encouraged to grow and be accepted when they do- but that’s a whole other story) and this is something I absolutely love sharing with my audience because at the end of the day, I want everyone to be living their happiest, best lives. This is something I’m SO passionate about, and another goal of mine this year is to talk more about mental health and what we can all do to support the people we love through the challenges life may throw at them. Mental health is so important.

What do you love the most about where you are in life right now?
I’m in this epic place right now where I’ve learnt so much about myself and I’ve learnt to really enjoy the small, simple things in life, plus I’m surrounded by some pretty amazing people and listening to some great playlists.

If you could talk to yourself 5 years ago, what advice would you give?
I’d tell myself that sometimes the things that feel like they’re the worst thing that could happen, often lead to huge personal growth and eventually even positive outcomes, to continue trusting my gut instinct, and maybe slow down on the ice cream, just a little.
Rachael Brook and her dog Iggy

Q: Favourite G-rated thing to do in bed (apart from sleep)?
A: Snuggle my doggo, Iggy. She’s the highlight of my life and hands down the best not-so-little snuggler. 

Q: Favourite song to go to sleep to?
A: I actually fall asleep listening to true crime podcasts - weird, I know. Music gives me too many feels to fall asleep, but if I want to relax a little - Wandering Eye by Fat Freddy’s Drop is a go-to for me.

Q: Weirdest thing you’ve ever used as a pillow?
A: Iggy, and she uses me as one too.. or my pile of clean clothes.

Q: The one thing you can’t sleep without?
A: Again… Iggy. I know I sound like a crazy dog lady, and honestly, I am.

Can’t get enough of Rachael?
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