We want to help you achieve your skin goals whilst also helping our earth and the effort to reduce waste. Introducing our circular recycling initiative.  

Whilst our soft KOVRs are environmentally friendly, we want to help ensure they are recycled properly so they can go on to live their next life and avoid adding to landfill.  

1. Return your used slips and packaging in the envelope supplied

2. Leave it with us to recycle

3. Your KOVRs will find a new home in useful and handy places from furniture, clothing or other packaging.   Here are some other ways we are leaning in to becoming a more and more sustainable brand:
  • 100% carbon netural delivery system
  • We've removed all unnecessary packing and additions in your delivery - expect a friendly SMS rather than your usual thank you note :)
  • We re-purpose our KOVRs into LIFE HACKS! Check them out below. TRUST US these are GAME CHANGERS!

Re-use your KOVRD Pillow Slips with some of these LIFE HACKS!  

Bin Liners 
As our slips are biodegradable they are perfect to be your new bin liners for bathroom or office bins. They mask any odors and reduce the amount of plastic liners we purchase that can't be broken down in land fill.  Be sure to check that your local council wants biodegradable plastics in the general waste stream.  

Shoe Bags for travel 
Soft cases to separate, protect your shoes and other items in your suitcase when you travel.  

Bedding Separators
Keep all your bedding neat and organised in your cupboard/drawer by folding set's together and inserting into your used KOVRD Pillow Slip.    Have any other way you are re-using your slips? 

Email us with your ideas or let us know how you're reusing your pillow slips xx   PS. Consider washing your used slips before re-purposing ;)