Can males use KOVRD pillow slips?

Yes of course! We would just add that if you're sporting a cool-dude beard, this may cause friction on the pillow slip so you may need to change your Kovrd Pillow Slip more frequently e.g. every 2 days.


How many nights can I leave my KOVRD pillow slip on for?

We suggest 3-4 nights. Change them on a Monday and Thursday evening.


What do I do with my KOVRD pillow slip once I’ve finished with it?

Throw your used KOVR in the bin where it will biodegrade

Can I wash or iron my KOVRD pillow slip?

We don’t recommend you wash them and definitely don’t iron them.

How long does the scent last in the Clean KOVR?

If sealed, the scent will remain for 2 years! If you are using it and there is friction on it, the motion release technology will fade after around a week.

I have sensitive skin, will the Clean or Simple KOVR irritate my skin?

The Simple KOVR is actually the best thing you can sleep on if you have sensitive skin as it is non-absorbing and bacteria and dust-mite free. YAY. With the Clean KOVR we use all natural essential oils but we recommend you check the ingredients page to see if there is anything in there you react to. Always patch test first and check with your doctor or dermatologist if you are unsure.