Keep Your Pillow Clean

Your pillow is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria due to the moisture from sweat and drool combined with the warmth from our bodies.

After 3 nights your pillow has x 1000 more bacteria than your toilet seat plus 20-100k dust mites. Along with the build up of dead skin cells, sweat & skin creams, this has is the leading contributor to clogged pores, breakouts, acne, blemishes, irritation allergies & more.

KOVRD Pillow Slips are an anti-bacterial cover for your pillow that protect and improve your skin whilst you sleep.

Skin Loving Ingredients

The CLEAN slip in the range has some additional ingredients microencapsulated into the soft fibres that release slowly over the space of the night when there is friction on the slip.

Strong antibacterial ingredients such as Eucalyptus and Tea Tree have been chosen not only to prevent new bacteria forming but to fight and dry out any existing acne or blemishes.Ylang-Ylang, Chamomile and Lavender are included to then calm and soothe the skin to assist in the healing process. They are also known to induce a sense of calm that will assist in a deep sleep which we all know has incredible benefits for our skin health.

Face Loving Fabric

We use a specially made Non-Woven SMS fabric that's fibers have been treated with anti-bacterial and anti dustmite properties! The technique known as Spunbound-meltblown-spunbound gives it other amazing qualities such as softness, strength and non-moisture wicking. This makes it softer than your usual pillow case and if you use any night creams, they won't absorb them like our regular silk or cotton pillow slips would.


The environment is at the core of our values. Whilst our pillows are eco-friendly, head to our Sustainability page to see how we're continuously striving towards eco-obsessed with our Circular Recycling Initiative.


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